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Flyline Solar Grid-Compensating System  

Flyline grid compensating system is designed for day time users. It is an exclusive product of Murickens group. Flyline solar grid sharing system is an off grid battery less device. In day time we can works loadwhich is equal to the generating power of solar panel. In this unit- insufficient solar power is compensated by grid power. It is fully automatic system having the facility to add storage batteries as per the requirement of load. It is a compact system which includes solar electricity generating modules and desired load controlling unit of flyline solar inverter. We provide onsite warrantee and after sales service support. We are in solar power generating field since the year of 2000.





3 -6 KVA

8 -10 KVA

10-15 KVA

DC Voltage

72 v

192 v

240 v

Solar input Volt

96 -160 v

192-320 v

240-400 v

Grid Input Single or 3 phase
Solar Charger PWM based MPPT OR IGBT
Inverter type IGBT based
Waveform Pure Signwave
Output Voltage 230 v (single phase) & 415 volt (3 phase)
Frequency 50 Hz
Efficiency 90%
Operating Mode Solar /Grid
Changeovertime 0 Seconds
Operating temp 0-50 deg.celsius
Humidity 95% non conditioning
Cooling Air cooling / Oil cooling
LCD Display Total output load,solar voltage, ac output voltage & solar utilisation %
Fault display Fault display for DC low, and Checking status
Protections Electronic protection & MCB
Alarm Overload and DC low

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