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MG ETC( Evacuated Tube Collector ) Water Heater  

MG ETC model solar water heater is very competitive model in price compering to MG FPC, Here there no electronic conversion only heat conversion . heatabortion is with help of evaluated glass tube collectors . Heat depended on number of collectors used in. The capacity also calculated by them .there is no mechanism inside which works in the theory of succession force. We can expect a limited heat from this vacuum glass tubes. In rainy season it must require back-up electric heater for efficiency. It is not advisable for commercial or pressurised system.

This is evacuatedtubecollector. It is very popularin market because of low price. It is the union of rows of evacuated glass tubesand a storage tank. Most of the parts are imported ones. Its verycheap in cost by comparing to FPC model. Here vacuum glass tubes are the heat absorbent. The same tubes carry cold water and hot water without any separationwall. It is totally inactive at the time of rainy season.




MG Solar Water Heater ETC Model 100 150 200 250
Usage No. of person 2 to 3 3 to 4 4 to 5 5 to 6
Installation Area(sq. mt) 2.1 3.1 3.8 4.7
Water output temp. (° C) 40 ± 5 °C Under Normal Sunny Conditions
ETC tube Model: No. of Tubes 10 15 20 25
Material Glass 3.3
Coating Selective Absorptive Coating
Glass Sealing Silicon Rubber
Hot Water Tank material (Inner) Stainless Steel SS 304 (Food Grade) - 0.5 mm
Thermal Insulation PUF Insulation
Electric Heater (optional) 2.0 KW with Thermostat

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