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Flyline Solar Hybrid Inverter

Flyline solar hybrid inverter is a best and reliable alternative solution for uninterrupted power supply. It is specially designed for medium type of loads like light,fan, television, mixer, iron box, etc. Soit is most suitable for a medium type of house and small business concerns. Flyline Solar hybrid inverter is specially designed with few no. of batteries, panel and highly efficient, fully automatic, transformer based power condition unit.So everyone can install it with affordable price. Here,the role of solarpanel is generating electricity,and role of battery is storage of electricity, and the role of inverter is to convert dc power to acpower. And control panel and battery.Flyline Solar system is a union of solar panel, battery and inverter. So the output result depends on the quality andefficiency of these 3 units. Murickens group engaged in solar power plant field since the year of 2000. We provide onsite replacement warranty and remarkable sales after service support.




SL.No. Parameter Single Phase Unit
1 Rating 650 VA to 5 000 VA
2 Input Voltage Range 180V - 270 AC or Solar Power 12, 24, 36, 48V
3 Normal Output Voltage 230V AC
4 Output Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 %
5 Input Frequency 45 - 55
6 Power Factor -0.8 Lagging to unit
7 Efficiency 95%
8 Control Digital/Analogue
9 Winding Copper Wires
10 Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
11 Mounting Free
12 Compact in size, Can work on Generators  
13 Charging AC or Solar Power
14 Noise Low Noise <50db
15 Battery 12, 24 or 48 V
16 Heat Above 50 Degree