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Flyline Solar Panel

Murickens group deal with2 type of solar panel mono & poly. Even though we are trading these products from outsource, the warranty is supported by Murickens group. The role solar panel is to generate dc electricity. As per the requirement of electricity, we can use solar panel. In market, different capacity of solar panels like 10watts to 125 watts in 12v dc and 250 to 450watts in 24v&36 v dc are available. In power units we are using 24v solar panels. The efficiency of the panel is very importantin the functioning of solar power plant.Murickens group providing onsite warrantee and after sales support to our installations




Maximum power Pmax 250WP (24V ) 125WP (12V ) 100WP (12V ) 50WP (12V )
Voltage at Maximum power






 Current at Maximum power 






Open Circuit Current






 Short Circuit Voltage 








   + / - 5%

  + / - 5% 

 + / - 5% 

 + / - 5%

 Maximum System Voltage   






 The Standard size


    65.5 "x 39" 

 52.5" x 26" 

 52.5" x 26"

  26" x 24"


►Highly quality solar Photovoltaic Silicon Mono / Multi crystalline panels or Cells.
►German cells assures the quality of product.
►It is union of solar cells for desired capacity.
►Light weight and designed for getting maximum utilization.
►Resistant to abrasion, hail impact, rain, water and environmental factors.
►Anodized aluminum frame and pre-drilled mounting holes.
►Tempered glass for rugged protection.
►ISO 9001 certified.
►IEC 61215 certification by EuroTest and TUV.
►5 years warranty.
►In kerala climate 1000 W Solar panels can create between 4.5 Kwh to 5 Kwh electricity per day.
Different wattage panel is available like 3W (6 v) , 10W, 20W, 35W, 50W, 100W, 125W in 12 volts and 250W in 24 volts